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teresa gostanza French Alliance art exhibit

Dreamtime- Infinite Realities

Horse running 15x20rt.jpg

From a very young age Teresa Gostanza was always intrigued with the dream state, creating imaginary worlds which on many occasions transferred into her art work.

Teresa’s inner thought-provoking passion inspired within her works brings an expansion and growth at a subconscious level. There is a depth within each layer of her works that unfolds right in front of the viewer.

However, just when you think you understand her mind as you unfold your own conclusions, there is an uncanny feeling that you haven’t even touched the truth of her creations.

Her works tease your very soul by expecting an answer when in fact there is no answer. Only a deep subconscious understanding that things aren’t as they seem, creating an urge to want more, and to go as deep within as you allow yourself to.

One of her primary goals is to bring that expansion from within and connect the highest purpose and good of humanity and this earth, at a time of evolutionary consciousness.

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