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For as long as I can remember I've always traveled within, into vasts and unexplored territories. Some might say I had my head in the clouds. I often take a picture of a place and project myself into it. My favorite is the cosmos. Things look very different when Im there. I started guided meditations for others as a playful way to take friends into my realms many years ago. Its not always easy to articulate what I am witnessing since words are so limiting when we go on many journeys. However, the energy created and the beings that join us that make it so worthwhile. With the determination of close friends I decided to create guided meditations. I hope you chose to journey with me and leave this reality just for a little while.  Currently doing Gaia Heart Connection meditations with singing bowls by Sean Chadler and Breath work with Aaron Gannon at OmniHum.

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Stillness-Gratitude meditationArtist Name
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Lions Breath channeled meditation
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