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  A Spanish surrealist, Teresa Gostanza's work has been exhibited internationally. Her paintings are both mesmerizing and mysterious. In the lineage of Salvador Dali and Giorgio de Chirico, Gostanza's work expresses the dream, the world unseen by the conditioned mind. Works like the 'Unweaving of Time and Space' are both ancient and futuristic, a parallel she is very familiar with. What sets her apart from the grandfathers of surrealism is her optimism and a sense of understanding the evolutionary period mankind is going thru. It is clear in her work that she is looking into a spiritual portal thru painting. “When I paint I receive codes and direction. It's as if I am called to make tangible a message beyond my own understanding, a message to learn and share,” says Gostanza.  She was born in Eberbach Germany, raised in Australia and later her family returned to their homeland, Madrid, Spain. As a child of an anarchist father, she was introduced to the horrors of the world at an 

early age. “My father was very active in political injustices and the family was immersed in voices of reform. “I remember as a young artist seeing Dali's 'The Persistence of Time', melting clocks and re imagined objects. This was a monumental shift for me. I thought this is it. I am not here to paint the conventional, but to go beyond the analytical and into the subconscious. I knew then that I am a surrealist”, says Gostanza.  As a hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher and respected healer, it's easy to see that there is a depth to her work that is uncommon yet familiar. Tapping into to the energy fields of a multi universe, she paints windows into a world that exist or might not, imagery that opens our minds.  Her work stands alone in the new trend of visionary art. Her strength as a story teller is the command she has to remember and to paint her dreams.  She is an original and offers a feminine element to the questions we are becoming aware of asking. Questions like, what is true reality?


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